Anatomy Eraser Sale!

organ eraser sale coupon discountDamaged and discounted DEAL! Some of our organ eraser set packaging got banged up and now you get our fab eraser set on sale! The packaging is a bit bent and in some cases stained -- see pics below -- but the actual erasers are in perfect condition.

organ erasers sale discount

See? The cardboard is a little bit dinged on the edge here. So maybe you can't put a bow on it and give it to your mom. Because mom notices this kind of stuff. But you don't care because it's almost half off, right? You may ask -- it's not even that big a deal! What can I say? We are super picky about what we sell and only want the best for you.

Organ Eraser Set - Anatomy Erasers

It's the same great eraser set -- but cheaper! And if you were planning on ripping the erasers from the packaging anyway, to give you your students, friends, clients or hospital-bound kids, it really doesn't matter.

Eraser Sale Discount Anatomy Supplies

We can't say exactly what condition your set will arrive in. Some of the eraser sets has a weird oil on the back of the packaging. These organ anatomy erasers are non-toxic, BPA free, phthlalate free, lead free and PVC free. So the oil is not one of those things. But it will be *ahem* INEXPENSIVE (aka CHEAP).

Anatomy Erasers Heart Brain Erasers - Science Class Incentives

And like I said, it's still the same fabulous product ideal for science class incentives, awareness campaigns, child-life treats and any other reason you might want to erase things with a cute lil' uterus with the power to eradicate pencil markings from a page. Bulk prices for rad product!

Uterus Erasers

So snatch these up while they last! No bulk coupon needed. No need to tell us you're a dedicated-yet-strapped science teacher looking for ways to keep your kids engaged during class with fun incentives. No begging or pleading! No human contact! No discount code necessary, these babies are first-come first-serve! Grab your anatomy eraser packs before they are GONE.

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