Amazing Pee Facts!

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You're into urine? So are we! What’s cool about the bladder? Read on to learn more about the body's bag of pee! Most mammals need just 21 seconds to pee. This includes the elephant, whose mighty bladder holds about 5 gallons of urine.

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Did you know pee glows under black light? Urine’s high phosphorus content makes it glow in the presence of oxygen, and the black light makes it even more magical. Don’t bring a black light to a hotel room unless you wanna get really upset. 

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Why is pee so funny? I don’t know, but it is! It makes you smile just to say it – PEE! Is pee sterile? Contrary to popular belief, urine is not sterile. All pee has small amounts of bacteria, but they are not the harmful kind found in feces. So if you’re stuck in the desert, go ahead and swig that pee – it’s 95% water. You’re welcome. 

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Do some people drink pee? Yes they do! Drinking pee, and topical application of urine, was widely practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, India, China and the Americas. Today it’s known as auto urine therapy, and well, not to judge, you do you, but there is not a ton of scientific evidence to back up health claims on drinking pee.

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Why is my pee smelly? If you’re dehydrated, ate asparagus, drank too much coffee or ate too much garlic and onions, these can all contribute to smelly pee. Also diabetes can make you pee smell funky. Speaking of urine and diabetes, physicians used to detect diabetes by tasting pee for sweetness! Now that’s a dedicated doctor. Diabetes and pee.

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Why is pee yellow? Urine contains urochrome, which gives pee its lovely yellow color. Depending on how much water you drink, pee can be almost clear to dark amber (uh, maybe get yourself hydrated, human!). Water is good for urinary health.

Pee talks, especially in the animal kingdom! Goats coat themselves with urine to attract mates. Male lobsters pee all over each other when they fight. And of course dogs leave pee as messages for other animals to read and mark territory.

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What are bladder stones? Bladder stones are rocks made by the urinary bladder. Crystals form in urine, harden and take up residence in your bladder. Passing them through your urethra can be extremely painful! Time to call your urologist to get a urinary health check.

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Men get bladder cancer at 4x the rate of women. Sorry, dudes. Bladder cancer occurs mostly in older adults. Sorry, elders! Signs that you may have bladder cancer include blood when you pee, frequent urination, low back pain and urge to pee, even when you know your bladder is empty.

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Did you know the bladder is one of a handful of human organs that can be 3D printed? 3D bioprinted tissue can be made and transplanted into a human body to replace an ailing bladder. Isn’t that cool?

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The bladder is a simple organ – essentially a bag – with thin walls, making it easy to create with a 3D printer. Metastatic Urothelial Bladder Cancer is not fun! Other bladder cancer types include squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma and sarcoma.

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Why do we pee our pants? Leaky bladders can result from a miscommunication between the brain and bladder, stress, childbirth or a number of pelvic floor issues. Incontinence following vaginal childbirth is a common problem, so get with a pelvic floor specialist or urology clinic to get it checked out. 

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How do I potty train my kid? Stick the kid on the toilet often, every 20 minutes or so. Try bribing with mini M&Ms, stickers. Go outside with your kid and the potty. My best potty training moment as a parent was sculpting fake poops out of Cliff Bars and making my kid’s stuffed animal “poop” on the potty. This modeling helped the kid visualize taking a dump in the potty instead of a diaper. Also those Cliff Bars are so delicious.
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If you're looking for a funny bladder gift, a little bladder cancer humor or a cute urology gift, urine the right place! We are overflowing with bladder plushiesbladder lapel pins, bladder magnets and bladder buttons that add special sauce to your urinary tract infection. Cute addition to any urologist's white coat. Fill the void with cute bladder gifts!

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Urine luck, we've got plenty of funny bladder gifts for you! Perfect for potty-training, bladder cancer support, bladder removal post-op care packages, bladder stones, urology gift ideas or creative bathroom hall pass idea. A favorite of urologists and pelvic floor therapists!

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