All About Orifices!

Orifice PicturesOrifices 101! 🕳️🕳️🕳️Our bodies have holes! Let’s talk about them!
nostril pictures - sinus pictures - orifice pictures
For breathing and smelling. Connects with sinuses, inner ear and lungs.
Mouth pictures - digestive system how it works - infographic orifice - body holes
For eating, breathing, talking. The pathway to stomach via the esophagus and lungs via trachea.
Ear Holes - Bodily Orifices - Types of Orifices Infographic - Orifice Pictures Images
For hearing. Connects with ear canal.
Orifice Rectum Butt Body Holes
For pooping. Goes to colon.
Orifice Pictures -w here does pee come out - vagina urethral opening
For pee. Connects with bladder and ureters.
Vagina hole - vaginal opening - vulva holes orifices
Connects uterus to outside world.
Penis Holes - where does pee come out - penis pee hole
For pee and semen! Connects with bladder and prostate.
Butt hole - orifice world - pictures of rectum
These ducts connect your insides to the outside, so they get Orifice Honorable Mentions, along with lacrimal glands and cerumen glands. And that's the Wonderful World of Body Holes!

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