Anatomy Pumpkins

Pumpkins-2-MinDo triangle eyes bore you? Looking for some last-minute Halloween pumpkin ideas? Then take a look at some great anatomical-themed pumpkin ideas from Brit & Co, Redesign Revolution, and Pumpkin Gutter. Love the skull, ribcage and heart pumpkins pictured above? Then visit Brit & Co for downloadable stencils and instructions. This pumpkin-within-a-pumpkin with exposed brain, by Skulladay, is a marvel to behold, and they have a great tutorial showing you how to do it yourself! Dr. Jamie Loggins created this fabulous Dr. Organs pumpkin for his front porch, via Sun Journal. Lastly, be amazed by this lookin' at you eyeball pumpkin by carving master Pumpkin Gutter. {Photo courtesy Brit & Co.}

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