Bladder Goes Everywhere

incontinent-every-continent-iheartgutsOur bladder wins for the best-travelled organ! Anytime someone we know goes someplace cool, we stuff a bladder in their baggage and they send us photos for our pet project Incontinent on Every Continent. Thanks to our well-traveled pals, this excretory system player has now visited every continent, including Antarctica, and has been everywhere from Australia to Zambia. He was most recently spotted on the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Special thanks to friends Lenora Chu (Asia), Barbara Cohen (Antarctica), Anita Datar (South America), Chuva Featherstone (Europe), Sridhar Hannenhalli (Asia), Tim High (South America), Matt Lazar (Africa), Charmyne Lee (Australia), Kirsten Stoebenau (Africa), Codi Lazar (Canada) and Rachel Weaver (Asia) for taking our bladder to such exiting places!

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