Adorable Anatomy

rachel-ignotofsky-anatomy-postersAnatomy lovers, prepare thyselves to squee loudly when you see the fantastic Body Systems Prints by promising young illustrator and designer Rachel Ignotofsky. They are adorable, instructive and beautifully done, much like the rest of her body of work. Peep some of her great projects such as The Legislated Body, an infographic that lays out the history of sodomy law in the US; Skin: A Sensual Cookbook, which features aphrodisiac recipes with zest, scales and rind; and, back on the scientific tip, her drawing of Earth's layers, as well as the troposphere above, are so cute you will want to snuggle the planet right down to its core. Based in Kansas City, Mo., Rachel works at Hallmark Cards by day and makes awesome stuff on her own by night, so keep your eyes out for her style on the shelves of your local birthday card seller. Visit Rachel's website and her Etsy page and see how long you can resist bringing one of her fabulous prints home with you.

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