Guts in Your Pocket

iheartguts-mightlywalletNeed a wallet that doubles as an anatomy cheat sheet? Then back our wallet design on Dynomighty's Artist Collective. Dynomighty prints all kinds of cool designs on fabulous Tyvek wallets, they boast loads of storage space, are long-lasting yet recyclable, eco-friendly and -- bonus! -- everything is made in the USA. Our colorful eye-catching design wraps the outside, and the inner pockets are filled with innards in this cute-yet-nerdy wallet. There's even a color-coded key tucked inside where you put your bills so you can connect the name with each gutsy character -- so that's what my Skene's gland looks like -- and quiz yourself on the go (so geeky!). Let your guts hold onto your hard-earned cash! And you get to say you have a pocketful of organs. Our I Heart Guts Happy Organs wallet will get made only if it's funded by 30 people in 30 days, kinda like a Kickstarter for wallets. So if you want one, don't delay -- please put in a vote for it now! Just don't take this thing to your physiology final, okay?

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