Breath of Fresh Air

1002856_10151508787501956_1118239492_nThis girl is on a waiting list for a double-lung lung transplant. While she waits for this dream to come true, Brigette M. inadvertently granted a secret wish of mine -- for someone to tattoo an I Heart Guts organ on their body. Thank you, Brigette, for adopting our lung as your mascot while you wait for your new lungs. Our guts are crossed for some lungs to cross your path soon.


  • Ashley

    Hopefully this comes through for her. In the meantime, that’s a super cute idea and really cool of you to do.

  • moshita

    this is adorable, hope she gets her lungs soon _

    so you don’t mind if someone uses your organs as a tattoo? good to know, I am a big fan of your site

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