The Keychain to Your Heart

KEYCHAIN-ALLWe are super excited to introduce organ keychains to our lineup of gutsy products! More useful and cheaper than a plush organ, these are a great item that will be sure to bring more joy to your keychain. Check them out and see if there isn't one that might unlock the door to more fun with keys. Think of all the great ways to organize -- a brain keychain for the office, testicle for the garage, tooth for the always locked door to the dentist office bathroom (what's up with that, anyway? Are people sneaking into the medical offices to use the john? Stealing toilet paper?). Attention medical office managers -- how about testicle for the men's room and uterus for the ladies'? Perfect for the fertility clinic. You could also hack these into medals for fundraising runs -- diabetes, ovarian cancer, you name it. We hope you like them as much as we do! We didn't have enough dough to make every single organ, so please let us know which guts you'd like to see in keychain form in the future.

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  • Olivia Williams

    I Heart Guts>>>I am 13 years old and my doctor just told me that I need to get my appendix removed and my mom has already ordered my plush appendix(yey!!!) , but I won’t be able to take it everywhere. So how about an appendix key chain so I will always feel complete!!! Keep up the good work! And I love your intestine, i think i might get that one too. Please respond.

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