Hospital Anthology Hearts Guts

hospital-anthology-iheartgutsWe have been lucky enough to team up with Hospital Anthology, a collection of artist books in Japan that asks artists to create works based on a medical theme. The anthology's creator, Dendaira Kotaro, was frequently ill and dreamed up a series of art and music while in and out of the hospital. We were humbled and grateful that she blended I Heart Guts characters into the work of such awesome indie Japanese artists and illustrators such as Daiyou-Uunome (with gallbladder), Iroro (with stomach), Hachimilion, Myna and more! Hospital 5 is a series of collectible cards -- on one side, there's a collaborative drawing, and on the other is information about one of your organs! Awesome and educational, you can check these out at Comic Con International in San Diego next month July 18-21 at booth is #4433, so please stop by!

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