Gutsy Girls

942021_601787569840051_2082404388_n[UPDATE: Alas, this show was cancelled after four episodes, the I Heart Guts episode was number six. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.] If you happen to watch TLC, you may have seen previews for a new show called "The Good Buy Girls," which chronicles the highs and lows of a small home shopping network. Struggling to break through to the big time, charismatic show hosts Brook Roberts and Tara Gray are looking to inject a little life into their usual offerings by discovering interesting new products to sell on TV. Described as one part "Shark Tank" with a dash of "The Office" and a sprinkle of "Real Housewives," this show offers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a home shopping network tick. They explore selling Fabio health shakes, pet treadmills, menopause pajamas and, yes... plush organs! Watch the I Heart Guts episode June 26, it's on 7pm EST/6 CNT every Wednesday, so give 'em your eyeballs. Hopefully we will put the "learning" back into The Learning Channel!...Or maybe just watch re-runs of "Toddlers & Tiaras" instead.

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