Calling All Dermatologists!

We'd love to get feedback on our latest public service announcement, this one all about skin cancer -- fun, fun, fun! Any comments or advice will be greatly appreciated and repaid with our love and admiration for your mad skillz as a smartypants derm.

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  • Larisa Speetzen

    Excellent! I’m a dermatologist here in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I can’t wait to order this for my office. Two changes: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends self-skin-examination monthly (not yearly). Also, there’s a big push for “broad spectrum” sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection, not just SPF 30. Hope that helps!

  • Greg Warden

    The heading “Asymmetrical” crosses two colour zones and the initial ‘A’ gets lost on a quick reading (as it did for me) thus reversing the meaning.

    Should the poster also refer to hyperkeratoses, do you think? Or itchiness at the point of a mole or other blemish?

    From one of the fairest people on the planet living in one of the sunniest places.

  • gutsy

    thanks so much for the feedback!!! will incorporate!

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