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This year marks our third as exhibitors at Comic Con International, and we are just as dorkily excited as ever to see all the caped and masked sights in San Diego (it took us three years to get into Comic Con. One lady told us we'd have to wait for somebody to die to get in -- hopefully no one actually died). Visit all your guts at I Heart Guts booth #932! For a sneak preview of some new and upcoming guts, visit DKE Booth #4728. Hope to see you there, come give your guts a big hug and say hi! From top left, Gumby with heart, Jawa with pancreas, Iron Man with intestine, Popeye with stomach (filled with spinach, of course), ladies with a uterus (you might have guessed, but I'm not the lady in red -- she walked around the hall leading a chained and shackled Chewbacca with that pig-guard guy from Return of the Jedi).

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