Guts on Tour

Suddenly spring is here and the guts have a busy April touring schedule, so come on out and visit your guts at events in D.C. and Philadelphia! First up is the Sakura Matsuri street festival in D.C. on April 14th. Now in it's 52nd year, the cherry blossom festival is the largest Japanese-style street festival in the U.S., so come on out and celebrate all things Nihon. It's been 100 years since Japan gifted the cherry trees D.C. is famous for in the springtime. “How many things in this world qualify as both kawaii and educational?” The Sakura Festival organizers recently Tweeted,  “We think I Heart Guts plushie organs are.” Aww, we heart you, too, and can't wait! Next up, the Philadelphia Science Festival is April 21 in the city of brotherly love, home of the Liberty Bell, Philly cheese steaks and the world's largest walk-in heart. If the idea of robot showcases, virtual reality caves and of course cuddly internal organs excites you, then please do come! Back in D.C., the guts will appear at the USA Science & Engineering Festival at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. This two-day event runs April 28-29 and is free to the public. Nerd heroes and science celebs will be on hand, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mythbusters and Mayim Bialik, hypothalamus expert and actress on Big Bang Theory. Stop by and say hi, it's free!

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