We're taking a road trip through the human body on our way from DC to Chicago for Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park! We filled our itinerary with anatomical sights our guts need to see, such as the American Visonary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, which not only has a giant statue of Divine (of John Waters fame), but they also have a drawing of two anatomy charts kissing by Alex Grey. The giant walk-through heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia has been calling our names for years, as have our friends at the Mutter Museum, which is dedicated to medical and anatomical oddities and antiques. There's a spinal column carved from a tree in Columbus, Ohio that I absolutely must see, and we'll likely wind up peeping at sliced human bodies at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. If we had time, Minnesota's Museum of Questionable Medical Devices would definitely be on our list. Need to plan your own awesome road trip on the way to see your guts? Check out Roadside America's trip planner for the weirdest the U.S. has to offer. And if you're in Chicago this weekend, come see us at Renagade, booth #92, we will have tons of new stuff for you to see, including giant plushie intestines, giant kidneys, giant pancreases, plush thyroids, plush appendixes, eyeball pins, skin pins, teeth pins, lymph node pins and more! Come give your guts a squeeze in person.