Innard Circle

A sampling of the brainy and gutsy delights you will find at Renegade Chicago, September 10-11th in Wicker Park! We're loving the zombie uterus made by the folks at The Prick Cushion (they have regular uteri as well); Ork Posters has the most delightful maps of the heart and brain, both of which I am seriously coveting right now; and The Social Dept makes the most wonderful shirts, and this Heart of It All Ohio shirt is no exception. Other things we heart: Pinecone & Chicadee's tooth shirt for kids and Methane Studios had a fabulous lung poster and shirt. You can also exhaust your adrenal glands at the Intelligentsia coffee stand or go into cute overload at The Small Object's booth. See you there, stop by and say hello to your guts at booth #92 on Division between Honore and Wood.

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