Comic Con Scene

Some photographic highlights from Comic Con: As you may or may not know, San Diego Comic Con International is something like a geek Halloween, where everyone dresses up as their favorite characters. We loved this cute manga-esque nurse with pink hair (we forget the name of the actual character -- anyone?); a dude dressed up as a Transformer by scrawling "Optimus Prime" on a box and tossing it onto his body; and this scary doctor figure who threatened to tear our hearts out (also not sure who this character is...). Also on hand at the Con were lots and lots of cute things, like these new plushes from So So Happy; my baby daughter sleeping atop the I Heart Guts t-shirt table, (okay, I am a little biased, of course, about her cuteness), who was a real trooper in the booth; and of course the colorful Ugly Dolls booth! And of course there were guts! The DKE Toys booth showed off prototypes of our new Huge Heart (see the liver next to it to see the scale), I met the pimpingest Darth Vader and Boba Fett ever, and there's our display of plushes on the right. I was lucky enough to have help in the booth from some of my dearest friends, Shelayna, Chuva and Pollyanna, so we had a grand ol' time talking to people, selling guts, and handing around the baby. The Chronicle Books booth honored our Spill Your Guts journal and mix and match stationery set by placing it between their awesome unicorn journal and Porn for Women. We were also flattered to be called "the coolest booth at Comic Con" by G4 TVs Alison Haislip. Yay!

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