We Heart Comic Con!

If you're hitting up Comic Con this weekend, we sure would love to meet you at our booth #621, where we will have plush guts galore, limited-edition treats and more! Stop by for some great deals on tees, toys, pins and other gutsy goods. You can get a sneak peek at some prototypes for new guts pals at the DKE Toys booth, where they've got samples of bigger and better guts (pictured) on display -- plus an incredible art scavenger hunt starting noon Thursday. Stop by and say hello! Here's a shortlist of some of our favorite booths: STORES WE LIKE cardboard spaceship 4534 giant robot 1729 1731 kidrobot 4529 4531 munky king 4539 strangeco 4629 4728 SPECIAL FRIENDS chronicle books 1506 1508 dke toys 4732 4734 CUTE STUFF bored inc 609 conduct happiness 4830 fat rabbit farms 4521 giant microbes 735 spicy brown 4832 STUFF WE LIKE adult swim 3351 max brooks 4403 kinokuniya bookstores 5549 5550 sharpie/prismacolor 5102 upper playground 4631

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  • Marcel

    Your booth rocked! There is something very moving about seeing our organs portrayed with sentience. I think it touches a part of our psyche to understand how our insides are our friends and can have personalities, and that all those parts work in concert to orchestrate our health and well-being! This merchandise is amazing and I will be pushing this product everywhere!!

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