Packed With Love + Guts

plush-organsWhew, we sure have been busy around here at Gutsy Headquarters, shipping out your holiday pancreases and whatnot, and otherwise driving our local office crazy with piles and piles of guts. We're having lots of fun stuffing spleens into envelopes and imagining uteri being hung by the chimney with care. A few reminders about holiday shipping: please remember we no longer offer express or overnight shipping, so plan ahead -- if you want guts delivered by Dec. 25th, pretty pretty please be sure to place your order by December 18th. If you live outside the United States, please order by Dec. 14th. Barring disaster, postal mayhem, grim customs officers, acts of god and whatever else, your stuff should get there on time. Thanks so much for choosing guts this holiday season!

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  • gutsy

    oh, boiled potato, you have no idea…

  • Boiled Potato

    BLAST! Was planning on placing my order 10 am on December 25th. I want the order to arrive 2 hours later, by noon on December 25th. What’s wrong with you people? What happened to customer service??

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