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heart-kidneyWe were inspired by BoingBoing's suggestions for charitable giving, which included some great medical and health related non-profits we thought might interest you, our fine gutsy readers. While this year hasn't been easy on anyone, we figured if you're looking to help others this holiday season, or perhaps give in someone's name, this list is a pretty good start:
  • Partners in Health focuses on health care in impoverished nations.
  • Doctors Without Borders provides emergency health services and medical care in war-torn areas. Like Red Cross without the executive salaries and gross mismanagement of money.
  • The Salk Institute does the research needed to find cures for some of the world's most confounding diseases.
  • Afghanistan Women's Clinic is a new charity working towards providing health care for women and kids in remote areas.
  • Child's Play donates toys, with a particular focus on video games, to kids in hospitals. (Stuffed animals are generally frowned upon, as they collect germs).
Happy holidays!

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