A Gut Above

study-mcatBecoming a doctor isn't easy, and although most docs would look back on the MCAT -- the Medical College Admission Test -- as  the easiest part of medical practice, every single doctor you know has sweated through this standardized test. Chock full of questions about organic chemistry, anatomy, verbal reasoning and writing, this test is four hours and 20 minutes hours long, completed on a computer (since 2007 anyway), and most folks need at least three solid months to study for it. Quirky facts about the MCAT: 1) You can't take off your coat or jacket during the test (all of your personal stuff must be kept in a secure locker during the test). 2) MCAT centers scan your fingerprints to avoid testing fraud. How futuristic! 3) The test was criticized in the 1970s for failing to test for bedside manner and personality, also important qualities in a doctor. {thanks to Kell Laurence for all the fun facts!}

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