mammary-glandsBabies drink breast milk -- but would you? A few years ago, Canadian artist Jess Dobkin created an installation art piece called Lactation Station, where viewers could come in and sample pasteurized human breast milk. Now before you spit out your coffee, consider also the English man who drank his daughter's expressed breast milk in a bid to cure his colon cancer. If it's good enough for the grandkid, he figured, it's good enough for me. He got the idea from an American man who swore human breast milk reduced his prostate cancer tumors. Even better: here's a woman who tried to make mammarian cheese from her own breast milk (turns out breast milk doesn't curdle -- interesting!). Another company -- and we're not sure if this is a joke or not -- claims to make ice cream from breast milk, something that PETA asked Ben & Jerry's to do last year in a bid to show the icky side of dairy. Last but not least in my lactation list: a restaurant on Switzerland called for donors to make a dish with a human breast milk sauce. They were banned from serving it. "Humans are not on the list of authorized milk suppliers such as cows or sheep," a Zurich food inspector told Swissinfo.