Full of Guts

gutsy-paper-bagsLast weekend's Unique LA Mini-Mart at Space 15 Twenty was sadly a little slow due to Sunset Junction down the street in Silverlake and we probably also lost more than a few people to the beach as well. No matter, we had a great time anyway, hanging out with our favorite vendors and seeing and meeting some of Hollywood's finest -- we spied Ongina from RuPaul's Drag Race, looking cute in a checkered jumper and enormous handbag. We also met a nudist reverend (he says he does weddings and funerals!), a sausagemaker and a guy who said he went to the top of the Milky Way, ya dig? We spent some tim decorating shopping bags with guts and ever-more ridiculous slogans ("Champagne Wishes, Pineal Dreams" and "Don't Let The Zombies Eat Your Brains" among others). We hope that whoever got the Adrenal Pirates bag really appreciated it. We'll be bringing these and more to our next show, Abbot Kinney in Venice Sept. 27, so don't miss the next one!

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