Pirate On Board

scaled.chuvaWe are very pleased to announce that I Heart Guts has hired its very first employee! Chuva (she's grown up a bit since this photo was taken) started working with us part time to help with shipping, book-keeping, gut-sorting, creative fashion development (see photo), silkscreening and a bunch of other stuff. She got her BA in both fine arts and business, so she's helping us with everything from arranging photoshoots (styled, snapped and recruited models for all the great new photos on our shop site) to crafting business plans, she is pretty much an all-around fantastic right-hand woman, plus she's got her own stuff going on. Chuva recently scratched her cornea, so she's out at the moment healing that particular ocular organ. She was mostly disappointed the optometrist didn't give her an eyepatch, so we've given her one here so she can live out her pirate dreams. Welcome aboard, Chuv!

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