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Picture 6We had long wanted to fix our website and make it a better place to browse, and perhaps you noticed we spruced things up recently. Despite having worked in web design for close to a decade, I realized what needed doing was waaaay beyond my scope of knowledge, so I turned to Aeolidia Design, the brains behind delightful and creative websites like Renegade Handmade and Fomato Cards. They made a great site, and I'm ecstatic about it -- at long last you don't get lost going from the shop to the blog to the gutsy info pages, and this is really geeky, but the backend is a dream (that sounds pretty dirty, doesn't it?). It's a dream come true. If you ever need a great web team to help you, I highly recommend them!

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  • Van

    I just discovered this website through Aeolidia Design, I looove your adorable designs. I’ll be hanging around more often now…

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