Little Felted Friends

uterus-pillowI've been sewing like crazy working on a few new projects for the upcoming Plush You handmade art plush show, including this Menstrual Cycle pillow at left. Hopefully you can tell it's a uterus. Plush You put up a nice interview with our guts up on this blog, so read away if you like, or check out some of the other incredible artists slated to show felted fabulousness this October at Schmancy in Seattle. We're also doing a few small pieces for their sister store, Fancy, which is having a Plush Jewels show in conjunction with the Plush You show. See below for the Urine Luck bladder brooch I just finished for that show. Well, I gotta get back to sewing, deadlines are a-looming.urine-luck-brooch


  • BikerPuppy

    BTW, I thought you might like this:

  • BikerPuppy

    What exactly does one do with a bladder brooch?

  • gutsy

    can’t wait, sewing like crazy over here…

  • Krristen Rask

    CUTE!!! It’s going to be a great show!

  • gutsy

    that is amazing! is it a hat?

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