Visit Guts at Comic-Con!

Prostate 1Though we still haven't managed to get an actual booth at this year's Comic-Con (drat!), the guts will still be there via our wonderful distributor, DKE Toys. Go visit their booth and you'll get a sneak peek at something special -- testicle, ovary, mammary and prostate (pictured) plushies by I Heart Guts, slated to come out in 2010. Go on and meet 'em in person! And hopefully we'll be there next year.


  • gutsy

    waaah, i am so bummed i won’t get to see you guys, poop. i would give my left ovary to get a comic-con booth! have a wonderful time and thx for wearing your testicle on your sleeve.

  • aldo and sean

    hey wendy, that sux, we were hoping to run into you at the comic con when we go on saturday. we’ll say his to your plushies, though. i’ll wear my testicle pin in honor of you guys…

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