New Gutsy Friends For You

guts-team3-72dpiWe are excited to welcome the intestine, stomach, spleen and urinary bladder to the gang of happy insides here at I Heart Guts.  It's a relief to have digestive system heavy hitters intestine and stomach aboard, along with the lymphatic magic of the spleen and urinary wonders of the bladder. We're also really happy with the colors, which remind me of a giant bowl of Froot Loops, were Froot Loops made from little guts, and I'm especially pleased with the cute little appendix on the lower left hand side of the intestine. Yay! dscn8621We are also super-pleased to introduce our second limited-edition plush, a sad little Black Heart who cries a tiny tear of blood for you emo types. We also made another batch of the Heart of Gold plushies because the first ones went away way too fast and it made us sad not to have us around.

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