Spleen-less Suffering

gallbladder What is this thing? Why, it's a spiky, gold-plated, hand-held vibrator that claims to rengenerate your organs! So if you're missing, say, your gallbladder, the Guardian Angel is the tool for you. The Inquisitr blog pointed out one of several funny reviews of it from Amazon.com, including this gem: "Since losing my spleen in a shocking harpsichord-related accident, I have been searching for a product that would re-generate my lost organ. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the Guardian Angel... Tears of joy ran down my face when I read in the Product Features that it would also relieve stress, fatigue and insomnia - all conditions suffered by the spleen-less." We figure they are talking about organ regeneration in the acupuncture sense of organs, but it's still funny. And at $149, cheaper than the going rate for a transplant.

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