Good Things In L.A.

We had a good ol' time at the first annual Unique Los Angeles design and gift event downtown, tons of great and talented local vendors came out to show off their wares, and intrepid (or maybe desperate?) shoppers eschewed The Grove and Target in favor of locally made art, goodies and stuff. dscn9803There were more than a few anatomy-related items at Unique, here's a sampling of my favorites -- a body painted on a rolling wooden platform by the good people at Bughouse (they make amazing prints, are obsessed with pills, and are nice people to boot), left. Our next door neighbor at the show, Knicker Rocker, makes darned cute underpants, including these pelvic bone ones, above center. Two Rabbits Studios makes gorgeous silkscreened band posters, like this Tegan & Sara heart and fetus one, above right. dscn9814Stella Neptune picks out vintage finds and silkscreens wonderful things on them, everything from oversized ants to a young Arnold Schwarzenegger to this "Liquor, Sugar, Dialysis" tee, left. The Poster List makes too many good things to mention, so just go peep their website, and enjoy the heavy heart, above center. Poketo always makes good things, but we especially loved this exploding head with flying brains. And I can't neglect to mention Porterness, which, among other good things, made a great little card -- "Every time I think of you, a little pee comes out." Amazing stuff, it was a great show and hats off to Sonja Rasula who pulled it all off.

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