Last Chance Holiday Shoppin'

notcot-1We had heaps of fun at last weekend's Bust Craftacular in Echo Park, lots of folks came out and although the show was on the small side, the number of quality vendors selling cool stuff (Cut + Paste, Seattle Show Posters and Bored, Inc. were a couple of our faves) made it a perfect place to snap up strange and handmade gifts for the holidays. Our fave moments: one small girl came up to our booth, looked around at all the plush, and final made her verdict: "Ewwwwww!" The bouncer working the show (would he need to throw out rowdy knitters?) stopped by our booth, all cool, tattooed and gigantic, took a look at the uterus "Womb Service" shirt and started cracking up. "I might need to get that," he chuckled.  Another pair of little girls spent a long time asking about every single sticker. Our conversation went something like this: girl: "What's that?" me: "It's a thymus" girl: "What's this?" me: "It's a spleen" girl: "What's that?" me: "Hypothalamus." Fun! We have one last holiday show, one last chance to grab great, locally crafted goods at Unique Los Angeles next weekend, Dec 13-14! Please stop by and visit, and whatever you do, don't go to the mall when you can get everything you need at Unique.

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