Carat Club

carat-club-shiney-72We'd like to introduce you to some new friends of ours, a group of precious gems -- called Carat Club -- that will debut at Gallery Hanahou's annual Luvable Hugable show in New York City. I handmade these special new plush friends for my husband, who's a geologist and therefore thinks of gems as boring old piles of carbon. Hopefully I'll make stickers of these someday soon. They love to rock, so if you're in New York, please go visit them and give 'em a squeeze. Some handmade I Heart Guts plushies and our handcrafted Frankenfoods will be on display and Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake, check out the opening in LA this weekend!

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  • Ice, Ice, Baby, Too Cold « I Heart Guts!

    […] Hearted”, plus Frankensteak will make an appearance along with the totally iced out crew from Carat Club. If you’re down in the OC this weekend, please check it out at 2736 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA […]

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