We Heart Our Customers!

3042669687_b696894d3cWe like to think our customers are the coolest customers in the world. Just got back from San Francisco's Bazaar Bizarre, a fantastic show with tons of great goodies. We had the good fortune to be close to the good people of Nifnaks and Social Studies, great neighbors who make amazing stuff, be sure to check it all out, and we met some amazing people: a woman wearing a "Made of Recycled Parts" tee who'd just had a heart and lung transplant; a UCSF doc who used our gallbladder painting in a power point presentation; a woman who bought a plush uterus for her friend who celebrates the anniversary of her hysterectomy every year; a woman who wore her Gimme Some Sugar pancreas tee to her endocrinologist, who told her the pancreas on our shirt is backwards (oops, gotta fix that! or maybe his face is on the other side?) Anyway, we'd like to thank each and every person who came and checked out our booth, and we're super grateful to those fun folks who took guts home for the holidays!

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