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I've been hankering to make a gutsy or glandy magnet set, but these being lean times and all, well, that idea will likely fall into the "make those later" basket. Wouldn't it be cute to slap a mammary gland on a note to buy more milk? Or perhaps the salivary glands need something mouth-watering? What would the adrenal glands care for -- more coffee? I got some magnet sheets and crafted a few handmade gland magnet sets -- and you can have one when you win our gland contest! Leave your reply in the comments section below with your name, email (we will not use it for any other purpose other than to contact you and it will not be made public) and the correct answer to this question: "What's the major difference between endocrine glands and exocrine glands?" Two winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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  • Linda

    Exocrine glands DO have ducts to carry away their secretions, endocrine glands DO NOT!

  • Elizabeth M.

    Exocrine glands are glands that secrete their products (enzymes) into ducts (duct glands). They are the counterparts to endocrine glands, which secrete their products (hormones) directly into the bloodstream (ductless glands).

  • Joanne

    Endocrine glands secretions go directly into the blood (internal environment). Exocrine gland secretions ultimately exit the body (external environment).

  • Joanne

    Endocrine glands place their secretions into the blood (internal environment). Exocrine gland secretions ultimately exit the body (external environment).

  • Leslie

    Endocrine secretes directly into the blood stream and the exocrine secretes into the mouth (saliva) or on the skin (sweat).

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