Pancreas Plush - Sweet on You - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow


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Our plush pancreas is bigger, softer and more huggable than ever. Giant super-soft high-quality 11" x 8" x 2.5plush comes with a marvelous mini-book educational hangtag filled with art, trivia, silliness and actual information about this sugar-regulating digestive buddy. The pancreas produces digestive enzymes so you can eat, but it is best known for making the hormone insulin, which processes glucose and sugar from the bloodstream. Isn't that sweet? Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

Go on a pancreatic journey with the fact-filled mini-book attached to each pancreas. This educational hangtag is filled with 8 pages of art, trivia, silliness and actual information about this sugar-regulating digestive buddy. The pancreas produces digestive enzymes so you can eat, but it is best known for making the hormone insulin, which helps process sugar from the bloodstream. So if you like sugar, be sure to thank your panky. Explore exciting pancreatic parts such as the Islets of Langerhans, the sphincter of Oddi and the Ampulla of Vater. Say “thank you” to your endocrinologist in a way they’ll never forget. 

Our happy healthy huggable human organs spark smiles in tough times. This perfect pancreas draws awareness to a variety of health issues, including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, juvenile diabetes, gestational diabetes, pancreatitis, or (heaven forbid) pancreatic cancer. Huggable pancreas post-op pal after surgery will warm hearts at the hospital. Great gift for your endo, endocrinology residents, medical school professors, diabetes camps, diabetes awareness advocates and  health practitioners. All types of diabetics will love having a pancreas around to hug or punch, as will anyone getting their first visit from the Diabetes Fairy. Pancreatic cancer researchers love having lab buddies!

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Customer Reviews

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More Than One Gut But The Pancreas Is my Favorite!

I am one of the lucky people out there who received a double organ transplant: a kidney and pancreas simultaneously! I had Type 1 diabetes since age 3 so I was aware I had a wonky "on vacation" pancreas for a long time. But you know, I never really LOOKED at a pancreas to see what it looked like, until I considered a transplant. This plush pancreas is really cute but also, as on point as a cute pancreas could be! The shape is perfect as when I saw my new pancreas on an ultrasound (when he... yes, I think it is a he...) didn't have stage fright.

I received a pancreas, kidney and appendix plushie after my transplant surgery. The kidney, which is also so well made and adorable too and my super pancreas were expected. The appendix is another story for another product!

The best company ever!

I first discovered I heart guts after a battling pancreatitis for a few months it was the biggest fresh breath of air the owner is such a sweet heart and everything is quality! I’ve had my stuffed pancreas as well as other organs for years! I even got the pancreas and gall bladder tattooed on me 😊

Awesome gift for a type one diabetic:)

Great for birthday gifts of a diabetic or a diaversary gift!!:))))

So glad you like it, thank you!

Diaversary Gift

I purchased this as a first Diaversary gift for my 11-year-old type 1 diabetic. From that first night in the hospital I told him that if I could buy him another pancreas I would and now I have. He loves it! Most nights his pancreas is right next to him on the other pillow. It seems that on rough nights with a low that we just can't seem to raise, I find him holding tight to this little guy. It is soft and very well made. Well worth the money and smile.

Passed Out Laughing

I bought this pancreas stuffed toy for my boyfriend who has diabetes. He has a very good sense of humor about it so when I saw this I knew it was perfect. He loved it so much he almost passed out from laughing. He sleeps with it every night now. It is very soft and cuddly. It also arrived fast! I would definitely recommend :)