Spine PlushI'm sorry but we can't shut up about the newest member of our guts family -- the spine plush! Isn't it just so adorable? We have been wanting to make this little friend for years, but honestly it was just too daunting.

Spine PlushI mean, how do you make a complex body part like the human spinal cord into a plush?? Without it costing an arm and a leg?

Spine PlushieMaking a spinal cord plush made a lot more sense to us after we made a penis plush neck pillow. Sounds weird, I know, but some of you observant types (aka pervs) may have noticed the spine has a rather phallic shape.

Anatomy Neck Pillows
The same shape and flexible technology (ahem, fine, not really "technology" it's just a very strong plastic rod) were both perfect for making a flexible spine! Aw, look at Spine and Penis doing yoga together as only our flexiest body parts can!

Spine Plush

At first we had big plans! Every vertebrae would have a face! Then the price came back -- turns out all that extra embroidery cost a lot of bones. And we know y'all already don't want to pay $20 for a plush organ. The embroidered faces would have pushed our plush into the $25 range and we figured, eh, let's keep things cheap.

Spine Plush - Vertebrae PlushOrtho geeks unite, our spine plush is here! This plush has been the most-requested, most-wanted plushies for years and now it's really here! Pinch me! Just don't pinch my nerves.

Spine Plush - Back Surgery Plush

It's flexible, it's cute, it makes a great back surgery gift. Or maybe your orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor needs a prezzie for everything they've done to straighten you out. Or maybe you don't need a reason to buy a backbone plush. We're not judging. I mean, can your spine do this?

spine plush - chiropractor orthopedic gift

Fun and flexible, this back plush makes moves your own spine cannot and should not make! Soften that scoliosis diagnosis with this friendly pal! Back surgery prep never looked cuter, cuddlier or more supportive. 

Backbone plush

Every backbone plushie we make comes with a spine-tingling hangtag chock full of facts, art and bad back jokes. Look at that happy smiling vertebrae plush. We put a lot of back-breaking work into these tags, plus loads of love. Every plush we make isn't just cute, it's packed with info and might make you 45% smarter. At least it won't make you dumber.

Spine Plush Amazon

Here's the spine plush on Amazon, so if your back just can't wait, you can get it super quick because the party never stops at the Online Superstore Named for a Tribe of Warrior Women.