Happy National Breastfeeding Month from Mammary Gland and her BFF Lux Baby Bottle!


Rethink Breast Cancer's got a fab new way to encourage ladies to exam their breasts for lumps once a month -- have a hunky man of your choice encourage you to check your boobs monthly via a smartphone app. Although the value of the breast self-exam is increasingly under question -- one study reported that although 75% of women perform the monthly recommended breast self exam, only 27% of those self exams were done correctly, according to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Cancer Education -- we figure it can't hurt to know your boobs, so take a peep at our Breast Exam Ever.
Nothing says "I love you, mom" better than a plush boobie, and thanks to our new mammary gland stuffed animals, you can give mom back all the boobs you took from her. Our pink mammary gland plush makes a great gift for breast cancer survivors, mastectomy patients or anyone who loves boobs! Be anatomically correct and get a pair, if you wish. Bras sold separately.
We've been waiting with bated breath for our plush reproductive glands to arrive, and hooray, hooray, they are finally here and are available for purchase now! The first three folks to order any of the four new glands -- testis, ovary, mammary or prostate -- will get a free Spill Your Guts journal! So whether you're celebrating your vasectomy or mourning a recent mammogram, one of these plushes just might need to go home with you.