DSC04988Speaking of cool customers, we'd like especially to shout out one of our favorites, Susan Diamond, who is an assistant professor of surgical technology at Austin Community College in Texas. She teaches the next generation of operating room champs a section on hepatobiliary tech, so she occasionally gets bulk gallbladder, liver and pancreas stickers from us to use as classroom treats for her students. Most recently she taught a section on plastic surgery and got some mammary gland stickers (her students are brandishing the boobs, above), plus some sweat and sebaceous gland pins, and she sent me these great photos of the glands in action. Anyway, if you live in Austin and want to be a surgical tech, you should take her class! DSC04987
liver Our guts need to make friends with The Body Revolution, the only organized organs on the internet! Meet the Mighty Liver Leader or play the Super-Mario-esque body battle game with the War-Torn Heart -- it's a real brain teaser. They've got some cute webisodes about the dangers of binge drinking, but of course, the liver pretty much ignores all that. Hilarious.