Let us know which gutsy masked modelĀ you think looks the best in their face mask! See a mask you'd like? Click the photos and get sent directly to the product website!

I Heart Guts Heart Plush Heart Stuffed Animal Anatomical Plush Heart

I Heart Guts Intestine Plush Intestine Stuffed Animal Anatomical Plush IntestineI Heart Guts, Testicle Plush, Testicle Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush TesticleI Heart Guts, Liver Plush, Liver Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush LiverI Heart Guts, Kidney Plush, Kidney Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush KidneyI Heart Guts, Lung Plush, Lung Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush LungI Heart Guts, Skin Plush, Skin Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush SkinI Heart Guts, Lymph Node Plush, Lymph Stuffed Animal, Anatomical Plush Lymph

I Heart Guts Face Mask
What lies beneath your skin! From left to right, stylized sweat gland, bulbs of Krause (sense cold), organs of Ruffini (sense heat), nerve endings, Meissner corpuscles (vibration and touch), Merkel's disks (sense touch), Pacinian corpuscle (sense pressure, and last but not least, the hair bulb, sebaceous gland and muscle (goose bumps!). It's a dermy dream!
I Heart Guts Face Mask

Penis Face Mask
Penis face!!! Cute kidneys, bladders, prostate, testicles and penises grace this urology-tastic penis face mask. Our penis face mask is theĀ ultimate facial statement truly and only for the bold -- I mean, who wants to wear a penis on their face? But then again, we do want people to stay 6 feet away from us, right? This is the way!

Covid Face Mask

Everything's coming up Covid! Cute covid face masks galore at our print-on-demand shop. We've got more mask designs up in shop and did we mention the face masksĀ are on sale through July 6th!?

Brain Face Mask

Here's a cute brain pattern face mask, thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for these designs to come out. They also have premium and child-size masks!

Penis Face Mask

Here's the same design but in a red/blue colorway. Great gift for the pediatric urologist going out for groceries (they are sadly not medical grade, but some pros have told me they wear it over their N95 to put a smile on patients' faces.