Jason Freeny's Dissected Gingerbread man is, like all of his art pieces, swoon worthy! Hang on a tree, wall or gifts. Gumdrop buttons not included. 


Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was charged with obscenity and jailed after she built a kayak modeled on a 3D print of her vulva. It took $10,000 in crowdfunding to build the vagina kayak, but it may cost a lot more: Igarashi is facing a possible sentence of two years in prison and fines up to $25,000.
doodlerEver been caught drawing in class, during a meeting or while listening to someone blabbing on and on? I certainly have. Next time someone accuses you of doodling, though, tell them you are actually listening intently -- and that science is on your side. A recently published brain study shows doodling actually helps people concentrate. Apparently the listening part of your brain works better when the drawing part of your brain is occupied -- it keeps you from daydreaming and spacing out altogether. Sadly, the study did not conclude that doodlers are smarter than non-doodlers (heh heh). The study was kind of small -- just 20 people were studied in each given task, so some might argue the data is statistically insignificant. I don't care though. I'll take any pro-doodling stance I can get.
intestine-how-it-worksSome gorgeous-looking guts appeared in my mailbox the other day via artist Molly Mac Fedyk, whose latest visual art project is centered around bodyparts, organs and so-called Gutpuppets, guts that move and gush to the artist's bidding. Very cool innards in paintings, video and mixed media, so take a look!