How Much Is Your Uterus Worth?


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Have you ever made the offhand joke, “I should just sell my organs”? Or perhaps you’ve even thought long and hard about the financial perks of selling one of your reproductive organs, like your eggs. But, did you know you can also sell your uterus too? Sort of… 

As a uterus-haver, you might have been told at one point that the baby-making guts that make you want to punch a hole in the wall for a week every month are actually super valuable. PS: Maybe direct your anger into squeezing our extra-huggable Uterus Plush instead of ruining your wall. 

Surrogacy is probably the term that comes to mind when you think of putting a price on a uterus, or the act of literally renting it out to parents who need a little extra help expanding their families. But even if paying off your Caribbean vacay by selling your uterus sounds like a dream, can you actually make moolah by trading your organs for cash?

Turns out you can get a pretty impressive amount of dough for the precious parts inside you. They might not be as cute as the plushies in our Uterus & Friends collection, but they could have a bigger price tag.

First-time surrogates can get somewhere between $40,000-$50,000 plus benefits packages, and reimbursements for essentials like maternity clothes and travel expenses. And maybe if your surrogate family is in the Caribbean it’d be like killing two birds with one stone. 

With a long legal process, piles of paperwork, and medical check-ups that take upwards of 12-13 months, plus the 9-month pregnancy itself, the downside to selling your utie is forfeiting about 2 years of your life. Show off how selfless you are for volunteering your uterus with this Womb Service Sweater.  

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There’s also the issue of ethics. Is subletting your womb like it’s a luxury downtown loft really for the greater good? Well, that’s up to you to decide! Those who have had success with surrogacy rave about the benefits such as giving parents a chance to still be biologically connected to their children, as well as providing the surrogate with a sense of community. 

It can certainly be enriching for both parties, but some critics argue that uterus-renting is reserved for the ultra-rich and even forces poor women to sell their bodies to make ends meet. No matter what your take, having a uterus takes a lot of guts. Remind yourself of that by carrying around an adorable Ovary Keychain and never forget that you’re truly an ova achiever.

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Another thing that proves just how valuable uteruses are is taking a glimpse at the TV. After the news broke that the future of Roe v. Wade was uncertain, it put into perspective that our right to do whatever the hell we want with our bodies is priceless. So spread the word that your uterus can’t be bought by donning your Angry Uterus Gang gear. A portion of the sales goes to the Center For Reproductive Rights to support their mission for uterus freedom.

There’s a lot of surrogacy pressure on people with uteruses to be able to reproduce, but just because someone puts a price on a part of your body doesn’t mean that’s all you’re worth. 

No matter what, you better believe your uterus was built to kick some serious butt. Flaunt your power loud and proud by sewing a rad Kung Fu Uterus Patch to your leather jacket, you badass! Remember, you are worth more than what you decide to do with your uterus.

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