New Colors for Skin Pins & Eyeball Pins!

 enamel pins cute - anatomy medical pins white coat bulk
Looking for cute dermatology skin pins? Look no further than our fleshy friends, now in a more melanated color! Adorable skin layers, complete with hair follicle, skin glands, dermal and fat layers, make a cheerful addition to your white coat! This new skin dermatology pin is a derm-tastic way to tell the world you love the skin you're in.

Celebrate melanin with this cute new pin. These beautiful brown skin pins are the perfect dermatologist gift, cute med school gift for your favorite derm resident, or for that amazing esthetician who makes your skin glow! Skin care obsessives and derm nerds will love this funny, fleshy, friendly skin pin. comes packed on infocard all about melanin and the skin's amazing function as protector of all other organs!

Our celebration of melanin doesn't stop at the skin -- we also added some new eyeball pins, and these make the perfect brown-eye-girl gifts. Our eyeball character pins are looking at you, hoping you'll take some to your eye doctor, optician, eye surgeon or someone recovering from Lasik surgery.

These I Heart Guts pins are the the finest anatomy bulk pins you can find. And right now, we are having a special on funny medical pins!

medical pins white coat, cute anatomy enamel pins, bulk pins cute

Thru July: buy 3 get one free through 7/31 -- grab some flesh for your derm office, send eyeballs to your eye doctor or give a gift to that skin pro that fixes your flesh.

cute medical pins bulk

Blink and you'll miss it -- sale ends this week! Our cute enamel pins will return to regular boring prices 8/1. Don't miss outfitting your office with cute medical pins! Every hospital ID badge reel needs a little more skin or some eyeballs on it! Flesh out your lanyard with eyeball pins or skin pins of your choice. 

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