Make An Organ Video!

whatdoesthespleendo-harvardmedschoolEnter the Harvard Medical School Organ Challenge and win free I Heart Guts plushie organs! The brilliant minds behind the "What Does the Spleen Do?" video want YOU to make a video about your favorite organ. Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine students are inviting teachers and students to submit creative and fun educational music videos about their favorite gut or organ system (circulatory? excretory? lymphatic?). Sounds super fun for any anatomy or physiology class! More from the HMS Organ Challenge website: "The Challenge will be broken down into 4 categories: High School, Middle School, 3rd-5th grade, and 2nd grade & below. The deadline for submission will be April 30, and the winners will be announced in May. The videos will be submitted on Youtube, so please take care of waivers and parent permissions according to your school's policy." Best of all? Winners in each category will score an I Heart Guts plushie along with their 5 minutes of internet fame. Don't delay, break out the camera and start brainstorming! Good luck.

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