Egg Me

IMG_1003Need a fertile idea for a Halloween costume? Check out this super amazing Halloween getup from one of our customers, Trish M.: "Every year, we go to a Halloween party where you have to come dressed as something starting with a letter of the alphabet. That year, it was "O". So, of course, we dressed as ovaries! I used your plush ovary as a guide. Our fallopian tubes were attached by velcro, so we could separate and my husband "tied his tube". We won Best Couple costume and have the golden skull to prove it. Thank you so much for helping me to figure out how the heck to make an ovary costume!!!" Thanks to you, Trish, for sharing your crafty talents with us! Especially love the dozen eggs you each carried around. Now I have to ponder -- what kind of candy would an ovary be most excited about during trick or treating?

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