New York + Sydney Have Guts

Hooray for fall, August was trade show madness! The Guts went on an exciting trip to Australia with our wonderful new Sydney-based distributors, The Urban Refinery, for the Melbourne gift show (see pics above). We hope this will help our pals Down Under get guts in local stores without paying an arm and a leg for shipping from the US. And I went on a road trip with the guts back to the New York Gift Show, where we met many wonderful, inspiring, fascinating and delightful people around the Javits Center (aka the Death Star). Our booth was located in New York's Newest, right next to the Baby & Kid section, so I had a ton of fun seeing people walk in, thinking they were still in the Baby section because they saw our bright and colorful booth (pictured below), and then watching their faces melt into horror as they realized they were looking at plush prostates or whatever. Hilarious. The top five comments at our booth: 1. "Not right for my store, but I love it."; 2. "This is very unique." (said both unique meaning good and unique meaning this is too weird); 3. "Have you thought about hospital gift shops?" 4. "Oh my god, it's a testicle!" Thank you to everyone who made the show such a great experience, and special thanks to the new stores who picked up some guts to take home.

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