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Plushie Organs😍

Cute organs with brains and belly laughs
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Uterus Backpack

Wear Your Womb πŸ’—πŸŽ’
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❀️ Get Smart 🧠

You Need Lobe
Ortho Cuties

Bones 4 UR Boo-Boos 🦴

Show Us Where It Hurts
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Warm Hearts & Feet 🦢

Knee 🦴 and Blood 🩸 Socks are here!

πŸ«πŸ§ πŸ’Meet I Heart GutsπŸ‘οΈπŸ«€πŸͺ±

Funny award-winning plushie anatomy toys bring a smile to your face and smarts to your brain!

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Love Your Uterus

β€œThe happy little uterus may get you rooked into buying the plushie.”

- The New York Times

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Award Winning
πŸ«€ Heart Plush πŸ†
We've got more heart for you to love. This great big heart is a whopping 10" x 8" x 4" super-soft high quality embroidered plush, perfect for hugging -- or beating.
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Cute & Soft Tees
Fun Shirts for Body Battles
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gastro gangπŸ’©
Feeling Like Crap?

Our colorectal plushies are flush with cheeky cheer when you're down in the dumps. These get-well GI guts will be your #2 favorite gift when life hands you a bum deal.

πŸ’ͺ Our Amazing Customers

Bought this plush uterus as an icebreaker to have the period talk with a little girl. It is very cute, soft and fuzzy. She loves it.


Incredible products-high quality, colorful, long-lasting! Fantastic teaching tools and wonderful conversation starters!

Lauren W.

Your intestine plushies are GREAT because they work as a fantastic post-op cough pillow. Honestly, the plushie I had post-op I took everywhere.

Jackie Z.

After a battle with prostate cancer this is a fun way to remind my fiance that he beat that awful disease! Super soft and just a fun idea.

Alison P.

The appendix is so cute and larger than I expected. I was really missing my own appendix and now I have a brand new one.

Kathleen G.

My daughter has a disease that affects her colon and has to have surgery. I bought some plush colons for her surgeon and surgery team who all loved them!

Lori G.

I ordered this for one of my nurse practitioners in our OB-GYN office. She uses the word "****" more in one day that I've heard in my whole life, so this vagina keychain was perfect for her!

Britni H.

I get these bright and colorful pins for myself, students and my lab faculty team to wear in the lab. These pins are a lot of fun, don't cost a lot, and make us all smile.

Anne B.

I love your guts! I have given the stomach to my GI doc, the pancreas to my primary doc, the kidney will be going to my nephrologist... The docs really love these! And so do I!

Stephanie G.

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