Powerful Pancreas Plush - Sweet on You!


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Our new pancreas packs a punch -- it's bigger, softer and more huggable than ever. The pancreas produces digestive enzymes so you can eat, but it is best known for making the hormone insulin, which processes glucose and sugar from the bloodstream. Isn't that sweet? Giant super-soft high-quality 11" x 8" plush comes with a marvelous mini-book educational hangtag filled with art, trivia, silliness and actual information about this sugar-lovin' digestive buddy. Safe for all ages, this plush comes packed inside a biodegradable plastic sleeve. Designed in California, made in China.

Hangtag Details:
Your Pancreas: Insulin Power!
Location: above the intestine
Likes: cookies, cake, candy, insulin
Dislikes: diabetes, all types
Fave Book: Introduction to Endocrinology
About Me: you'll enjoy getting to know my lesser-known parts, like the islets of Langerhans, sphincter of Oddi, and ampulla of Vater
Wants to Meet: somebody sweet.