If you ever need a kidney sent express mail, contact our friends over at Lulubell Toy Bodega in Mesa, Arizona. Shop co-owner Amy Castillo donated one of her kidneys years ago and feels a special connection anyone giving or receiving a kidney and always has them in stock. Once she even hand-delivered a kidney plush to a local hospital -- now that's service! Go, Amy, for being a donor as well as an awesome person.

What's the difference between a smile with teeth and a smile without them? Without teeth, humans look creepy or disingenuous -- depending on whether full out gums without teeth are showing -- or your friend just sported a closed-lip smile in a photo. Put simply, teeth are pretty. Pretty enough to inspire art, like this clever print of our pearly white varieties.

It takes guts to wear this organ latex dress by Vital Vein Fashion, but if you feel like turning heads, this sleek number should turn heads.
Peep the super adorable organ cuties over on Chopstickcrafts Etsy shop, where things like this hand-painted anatomy ukelele get snapped up quick.