Get your cozy fall fashion on with our limited run of one-of-a-kind hoodies made by NY-based designer Holly Hue from reclaimed fabrics and our organic cotton cease and desist tees (learn more here or listen to a 99% Invisible podcast about it). This is our last run of hoodies, and no two are alike, so if you like it, get it before it's gone. Only 19 made, $125 each, only one in each size/color combo. If you like wearing something no one else has, you'll love these hooded sweatshirts.
Need some fresh clothes for fall? Look no further than 1991 Inc, which sells all kinds of wacky printed wears, but of course our eyeballs were most attracted to their muscle leggings, pill sweatshirt and blood-spattered tee. Wouldn't it be awesome if they printed scrubs with these patterns? Well...maybe don't show up to surgery in the blood-spattered ones.

Need something to liven up your next party? How about renting an inflatable human body, heart, pair of lungs, or brain to walk through with your guests? You'll have people talking for sure. MEGA Inflatables were designed in Texas to promote learning. How could you forget where the kidneys or lungs are located after seeing this giant version? 

This clever wallpaper was created by Emily Evans for her Anatomy Boutique. A close look reveals the pattern is formed from anatomical hearts.