Have you ever cleaned someone else's teeth? Chances are high that you have if you're a parent, babysitter, nurse assistant, dental student, dentist, or dental hygienist! 400 students in Lower Hutt, New Zealand recently broke the previous world record of the longest circle of teeth brushing. What do I think about this? Clean teeth are delicious teeth.

 Need more T-cells? You might be in luck because they've just started growing thymus organs from scratch. The thymus is like college for  T-cells - it's where they go to grow up!

If you ever need a kidney sent express mail, contact our friends over at Lulubell Toy Bodega in Mesa, Arizona. Shop co-owner Amy Castillo donated one of her kidneys years ago and feels a special connection anyone giving or receiving a kidney and always has them in stock. Once she even hand-delivered a kidney plush to a local hospital -- now that's service! Go, Amy, for being a donor as well as an awesome person.

What's the difference between a smile with teeth and a smile without them? Without teeth, humans look creepy or disingenuous -- depending on whether full out gums without teeth are showing -- or your friend just sported a closed-lip smile in a photo. Put simply, teeth are pretty. Pretty enough to inspire art, like this clever print of our pearly white varieties.