Quiz yourself while studying for your anatomy test, teach your kids about the human body, or just have fun pulling apart intestines after a long day. This Squishy Human Body is made by the brains over at SmartLab Toys. They also make a squishy T-Rex!

Free button with each order of guts! Can't live without the whole set? Find it here.

Have you decided on a halloween costume yet? I'm dying to dress up as a Bladder or Brain; I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, this Jello Brain is making me hungry.

Hard to believe New York Comic Con is upon us again, we'll be dragging our guts into the city in just a few weeks! The I Heart Guts booth will have plenty of fun new stuff for you to gape at, including our Super Big Heart, custom one-of-a-kind heart hoodies by Holly Hue and collectible sets of the guts buttons we made with Portland-based button makers Badge Bomb. If you were lucky enough to score tickets, please do drop by and say hello at booth #202 sometimes between Oct. 9-12, 2014.