Are eyeball earrings not enough for you? Maybe this Anatomy Book Illustration Sweatshirt by Tyler Sharpe will do the trick. Bonus: you might be able to cram for your next test during the halloween party. Just be ready to hear everyone's medical adventures, too.


Need better peripheral vision? Look no further than these Eyeball earrings by Wicked Gems. Creepier than most halloween costumes but easier (and less drafty) to wear. 

Behold, the cutest stuffed pink breast you might ever see! Handsewn by Vanessa Laven in Minneapolis, Survival Organs are "...external reminders that [we've] got the guts to face something huge like cancer." Each organ is available with a smile or frown, depending whether it needs to absorb your rage or serve as a happy reminder of your strength. It can't get cuter than a stuffed areola!

Oh, I'd hate to chip a tooth on this mug. Or to chip the mug. Anyway, isn't this 3D printed mug by Teethware so amazing?