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Peep this clip from Tech Times' interview "Inside the Market for Plush Toy Organs" with I Heart Guts founder and creative director Wendy Bryan.
Wowza, our lapel pin collection has grown to 50 different organs and glands! Check our our newest pins -- vertebrae, muscle, cervix, elbow, spine, Skene's gland, shoulder, sinuses and vagina+vulva in our online organ emporium.

Do you need help with fundraising for your not-for-profit health organization? Let I Heart Guts help your not-for-profit in one of many ways! 1. Get Guts for Your Raffle or Event: Guts make fun and fabulous raffle items and we are happy to extend wholesale prices for these events.  2. Have a Famous Person Sign a Gut and Auction it Off. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs did this with our colon and Gloria Steinem once signed one of our uteruses. Great way to turn a $20 plush toy into $200 for your fundraising event! 3. Sell Guts to Raise Money for Your Non-Profit. Buy our eye-catching gutsy goodies at wholesale prices, resell them and keep the profit for your non-profit. You can also get I Heart Guts buttons and magnets over at Badge Bomb -- if you're looking to buy over $100 of stuff, you will qualify for wholesale prices with them.