Looking for even more Brains? Luckily Houston Museum of Natural Science has a few left. Stay tuned, iheartguts.com will have more plush brains once Spring finally appears!

Decorate your home or body with guts with these fab new organ-y pillows and print-on-demand tees from our friends at Nuvango! You'll also find these designs on phone cases, tablet cases and a bunch of other stuff. We've got three styles so far -- heart, liver and kidneys -- but tell us what else you'd like to see up there and we'll add it just for you.
Enjoy the latest issue of Clutter Magazine, their 10-year anniversary issue is on newsstands now and features an interview with I Heart Guts founder Wendy Bryan on page 16. A snippet from the interview, by the talented Barbara Pavone: "There are few things in life that will bring you as much joy as cuddling up to an adorable spleen plus or surprising your bestie with an anatomically correct colon plush -- trust me." Learn the dirty details of me going from a brokenhearted drunk drawing in a bar to the brains behind a weird little company legally selling organs.

This Valentine's day, put your heart into it -- Literally! Bonus: How many hearts can you count in this photo?