Do you buy gifts ahead of time, or are you one of those "day-of" types? In case it's too late for guts to ship to you by Dec. 24th, check out these awesome stores that carry our guts. One of our favorites is Toy Joy, who has piles of fun goods -- especially stuffed organs!  ^__ ^

One of our customers just made our plush pancreas 100 times more useful! With the addition of a zipper, Tracy Curley turned her plush pancreas into a handy bag, stuffed it with her insulin pen and monitor -- and it now magically "produces insulin"! Yay, and thanks to Tracy for sharing her crafty idea with us and other diabetics. Reminds us of that time we hacked our own uterus to make her into a special stash case for Midol, period underwear and chocolate. Which organ do you think should be turned into a carrying case next?
Thinking of getting guts this holiday season? Get your guts in time by checking out our holiday delivery schedule. Some of our cutoff dates may seem a tad early, but we take into consideration our processing time, added holiday mail volume, weekends, missing packages, etc. etc. We also do not offer express or overnight service, so please plan ahead!
Beautiful anatomy-themed tees by the Anatomist. Best of all, sales from some of these tees go towards the Amplify Education Project,a non-profit that offers free tutoring and admissions counseling to students from underserved communities. [via @MedSchoolQueen]