Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Communicate

Need to get in touch? Please use our handy contact form, and you'll hear from us soon, we check our email about a million times a day and strive to respond within 24 hours!

How Do I Return/Exchange These Guts?

We always want you to be happy. If you don't like your guts, we will happily offer you a full refund. We will also happily exchange your guts for a different size or style (when available) of equal value if you are not satisfied with your guts. Just write us a note about what you need, send it (via first class mail with delivery confirmation is the cheapest trackable shipping method):

I Heart Guts
attn: Returns
P.O. Box 5247
Takoma Park, MD 20913 

We will promptly refund your money once we receive the return!

If it is an exchange, we will also need $6 bucks (please pay via PayPal or check, we do not keep your credit card information on file) for domestic return shipping because, hey, let's face it, we're not made of money, we're made of guts. The cost for international returns varies, so please contact us with questions. We're so sorry, but stinky, washed and/or used merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged.

Shipping Policy

All domestic packages sent either USPS First Class or Priority Mail with delivery confirmation for tracking sent via email. Domestic packages sent Priority Mail within the USA take 3-4 days, 5-8 days via First Class. If you order late on Friday, please note we do not ship on the weekends, so ship times may be longer, please plan accordingly. If you don't get an email with tracking info a few days after your order, please check your spam folder; our messages lurk in there sometimes. We cannot be held responsible for shipping to an incorrect address. International packages are sent either USPS First Class, Global Priority Mail, or Express Mail depending upon location; International and Global Priority Mail packages take 7-10 days, First Class International takes about 15-30 days plus time undergoing customs review. Visit our stores list to see if a shop near you can supply your guts faster and cheaper than we can! We do not pay customs fees, please be aware there may be additional costs to your international package, please consult your local customs branch to ask about fees on products coming fmor the US. I Heart Guts is not responsible for packages lost by the USPS or packages snatched by bandits.

Express Shipping Policy

I am very sorry, but we do not offer express or expedited shipping. If you need guts fast, please find a gutsy outlet near you. Need guts RIGHT NOW? Please visit where the humans and robots never stop, or visit a store near you

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

To determine shipping costs for your area, please select your guts, visit your shopping cart, click "Check Out," enter your address in the shipping address field, then check the Shipping Method drop-down menu for shipping options. Be sure to check again if you add more guts to your order, as the weight may change.

Do you ship to my country?

If we ship to your country, it will be listed when you fill out your billing and shipping address. Customs fees are not included in the cost for shipping and handling. Please check with your local post office about customs fees from packages from the US -- if your order is for over $20, there are almost always customs charges. You are responsible for paying customs charges, they will not release your package to you without payment. If your country is not listed it's either because it has not yet been entered into our shipping system or we've lost a bunch of packages sent there and it would cost an arm and a leg and an illegally traded gallbladder to get it sent down there.

Your Privacy

Private eyes. They're watching you. Watching your every move. But we're not. We hate spam as much as you do (and believe me, we get truckloads). Just because you've purchased something online shouldn't mean you have suddenly sold your soul to the gods of advertising, which is why we never share, sell or use your email or name for anything unless you sign up for our dorky newsletter, which, quite frankly, we almost never send out anyway.


How do I find the right size t-shirt?

If you are not familiar with American Apparel tees, please know that these shirts are cut extra slim and are smaller than regular tees. Please make sure you get the right size by consulting American Apparel's fit guide before ordering, visiting an American Apparel store to find your size, or ordering one size larger than your normal size if you prefer a looser fit.

Why Don't You Have a Phone Number? I Want To Talk.
Believe me, email is the best and fastest way to get in touch, I check my email about a million times a day, use our contact form to get in touch right away. We will respond in 24 hours or less.

Why don't you have express overnight shipping? I really need my spleen RIGHT NOW!

We know that people often need their guts really fast, sometimes because someone special is in the hospital. Seeing as plush organs are a non-essential part of excellent medical care, we cannot run our business like an emergency room and still stay sane (and you want us to be sane, don't you?). Your loved one can still appreciate your gift in recovery. Be happy that he or she is in the hands of an excellent medical professional. We are only human.

I only want one pin. Why do I have to pay $7 to ship it Priority Mail?

We offer First Class and USPS Priority Mail so your guts will get to you quick, and they charge us a certain rate up to a pound. So whether there's a feather or a one-pound lead ingot inside the envelope, they don't care, it's still gonna be $7. So if you don't want to pay that much, get first class shipping.

How can I pay for my guts?

We accept Visa and MasterCard only. We apologize, but we do not accept American Express, Discover, Paypal, Wampum, arms and legs, or Monopoly money. Sorry!

My guts are gifts -- do you include receipts inside your packages?

No. We include a packing slip with every order so the recipient will know who the gut is from and how to return it if the gut is not desirable. Don't worry, prices are not included on the packing slip, so no one has to know how little or how much you spent on 'em.

Do you gift wrap?

Nope, sorry about that! We do offer a gift bag with tissue paper, though. Wanna see it?

Where do the guts come from?

We don't like to name our secret sources, but let's just say the retired members of Fraggle Rock have been really generous organ donors. Seriously, though, all our plush friends were dreamed up in California and made in China.

Why are your plush toys made in China, why can't they be made in the US?

We first searched here in the US for a manufacturer, but the costs were so prohibitive that we were concerned about passing those costs on to our customers. Very few people want to pay $50-$75 for a plush toy and that's about what a U.S.-made plush will cost. Also, I am personally a lousy seamstress and if I made them myself they would look like hideous cabbages with arms and it would cost $150. Trust me, no one would want one. It would be really nice if our books, cell phones, computers and a million other things we enjoy were all made here in the US. We are confident that our sources in China are treated well, paid a decent wage, and they do an excellent job. Keep in mind that our plushes are made by actual real human beings, not evil robots.

How can I make my own toys?

Read my advice here.

Do you have anything made in the US?

Yes! All our T-shirts are made and printed in the US, our posters and self-exam cards are printed here and our buttons are made in the US.

Will I like these guts?

That's entirely up to you, but maybe read a little bit from some of our very satisfied customers or check out some nice things people have said about guts in the news.

Have any celebrities bought guts?

Gonzo called us one time when he needed a kidney transplant, but the blood types didn't match, so it didn't work out for him, poor thing. We have successfully transplanted livers into a few other Muppets who would like to remain anonymous. Let's just say a certain plush lady pig should lay off the martinis.

Can I get cash for these on the black market?

Don't quit your day job.

I left my heart in San Francisco -- can I get another one?

Check our store list.

Can I re-enact my favorite "Grey's Anatomy" episodes with plush toys?

Sure! But the pancreas always insists on being Dr. Derek Shepherd and the brain always wants to be Dr. Cristina Yang, so good luck competing with those two.

What am I, chopped liver?