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Giant Guts Sticker Set - Collect 'Em All! - 12 stickers


This sticker set is so much fun, we almost don't want to sell it. Get all 12 organ friends as oversized die-cut stickers (about 3" x 3" each), perfect for decorating your bike, your books or even your body. Each sticker back tells ya what organ it is, plus there's a goofy phrase for punny good fun ("i work in detox!" says the liver; "urine for a treat" says the bladder and "so fresh, so spleen." Ugh, stop already.) Come and get yourself a heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, uterus, brain, gallbladder, stomach, intestine, bladder and spleen. These are specially priced -- 12 huge stickers for $7 bucks. What a deal. Made and packed in China.

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